Best chicken waterer & feed! Eggs, eggs & more eggs!!🥚

This summer I discovered the BEST chicken waterer that's actually not even for chickens! 

But it works so well that I have them in every one of my runs now! The water stays much cleaner, changing it and cleaning it is way easier AND you can even add a filter to it! 

Plus it works great for my little sebright boy with the crossbeak since he needs a deeper dish than what most traditional chicken waterers offer. 

I got the smallest size and it's plenty big for my biggest run of 11 chickens (mostly bantams).

You can find it here:


I also switched to a different feed... I had already switched to a flock raiser crumble in the summer since I'm now up to 5 boys and I didn't want them to be on layer feed and deal with potential health problems later. Then this feed was recommended to me and I swear there's some magic sprinkle in this stuff!!! 

Not only does my 7 year old cream legbar look way better than she has in years but she also started laying every day again which she also hasn't done regularly in years! Up until everyone started molting I had more eggs every day than I've had in forever! 

And now even though the Silkies just went through their molt (and I'm still finding an "exploded pillow" in the run every day) and it's November... I get at least 2 eggs from them daily!

Then this morning....

 It's A MIRACLE!! 

RED, my ugliest, most antisocial, meanest and oldest (7+ years) laid her first egg in YEARS! That new feed truly has some magic sprinkle in it! 🤣

Definitely her egg, not only is her feather stuck on it but it's also darker than any of the other Silkie eggs I get.

I don't have a link where to buy it since only select feed stores carry it but if you do some googling you might find it in your area. It's the

"THOMAS MOORE Gallo gamebird maintenance feed" (not the conditioner). 

I usually mix it with the flock raiser crumble and it's basically chicken crack 😂

It also smells REALLY nice unlike most chicken feed!




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