My MUST HAVE Horse Hair products!


These are the 4 hair products I literally can't do without for my horses!!

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 The manely long hair conditioner and polisher is my go to combo for all my hairy horses! I use it in the summer (mix a small amount of each together in your hand) in manes and tails to keep them hydrated in this Texas heat and in the winter when it's too cold to bathe I apply it, wait a few hours to brush it and it makes a tangled dirty tail and mane look as if it was just bathed, detangles it and it'll look smooth and shiny! You have to see it to believe it! 

 Here's a video how my horses tails looked after using it (this was in February and they hadn't been washed in MONTHS!)

Tail Video

 Vetrolin shine is my number one detangler and "keep them clean" and shiny spray! My paint and pinto ALWAYS look white and trust me they're dirt bags who love to roll! I bathe, apply the spray all over when they're almost dry, brush it in with a soft brush and don't turn them out until they're 100% dry. They'll stay clean and grooming time is cut in half! I also use it before brushing manes and tails! 


The clairol shimmer shampoo is THE BEST for greys and any horse with white areas! Better than any "purple" shampoo you can buy! 




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