Difference between Permanent & Removable vinyl

I generally list my decals with permanent vinyl unless it's a wall decal and specified as such in the product description.

If you'd like to apply one of my decals to furniture, a door or a wall where you want the option to be able to remove it without damaging the surface (removable doesn't mean reusable! The decals cannot be reused), please message me before you order so I can add the removable vinyl option to the product you're interested in!


As a general rule, removable vinyl is for indoor use and permanent is for outdoor use. You can use removable vinyl outdoors, but it will not stick as long as permanent vinyl, and you can use permanent vinyl indoors but it has a stickier adhesive backing and may be harder to remove from walls and may damage them or other painted surfaces.

For application on furniture, walls, doors etc, anywhere where you will potentially remove the vinyl sometime in the future, I recommend the REMOVABLE vinyl.
For anything that will be wet or handled regularly, anywhere outdoors or signs I recommend using PERMANENT vinyl.