I've decided to get back into my (cup)cake🧁 kitchen for a limited time since after over 20 years of baking & decorating and closing my kitchen for a while. 

None of the numerous products I've sold in the past 15 years have had the effect on customers that my cakes & cupcakes have had.

I've only ever seen happy faces & customers and the only complaint I EVER had about any of my sweets were that there were no leftovers 😆

That's a complaint I'm absolutely happy with and I love putting a smile on the faces of those that get to enjoy my creations. 💕


While I'm currently not planning on getting back into the colorful and creative decorating part of cake, I'm offering my most delicious flavors that you can hardly find anywhere around here.

Fresh ingredients and made with 💕, the same way I have been baking them for my own family. 

Flavor of the week is announced on Mondays

All orders are due on Wednesday!

Local delivery included

(over 15 miles is subject to a delivery charge)

No shipping!