Skye & Hot Fudge Sundae

hot fudge sundae people magazine Skye TikTok viral video

Skye the Great Dane & Hot Fudge Sundae the American Miniature Horse are just 2 of our critters, but they have quite the unique attraction to each other. 

They've been best friends since 2020 and have been making people smile ever since!

They caught the attention of TikTok viewers so fast when I posted a video of the two in November of 2021 (and I've only had my TikTok account for a few months..) that a 9 second unplanned quick video accumulated over a million views in a day:

It's been crazy ever since... The views & likes keep climbing (their video is at 6.6 million views as I'm typing this) and their story has been published in People Magazine, Cavallo magazineLa Tarde  several other smaller media outlets and a different story/article written by Kim Izzo in Horse Canada Magazine and another one in The Epoch Times.



They did it again and had another "one million views in a day" video and numerous others going viral. 

One of their Facebook videos is approaching a whooping 35 million views! 

There's a lot of special stuff in the planning behind the scenes, stay tuned to see what we've been up to!

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