The ONLY 3 Things You Need to Create the Best Horse Riding Videos!

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How to film rides with your horse by yourself

(and create better videos of yourself, your horse or your dog)

Sometimes you come across something that almost sounds too good to be true! But then you try it and it just blows your mind at how good it really is!

If you've seen any of my tiktok videos you may have been wondering who's behind the camera shooting all the different angles and capturing every moment...

Would you believe me if I told you that I'm shooting all the videos myself?

No extra set of hands needed!

All I need to create my content is

  1. My Phone
  2. A free app

My "cameraman" - the Pivo Pod!

This little gadget is my new best friend and I'm obsessed with it!

So what exactly is it?

It's a small device that you can pop your phone onto and in combination with one of the Pivo apps (there are several, more on that later)  , it connects via Bluetooth to your phone and tracks either you, your horse, your dog (even your cat!) or your child while you move, sing, dance, skate, talk, play, ride your horse or train your dog!

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It rotates 360° and even zooms in and out as needed!

Here's a closer look at the screen, the red rectangle shows what it's following. 


I've tried so many fun things with it already from riding my horses, doing ground work, driving my Miniature horses, dragging the arena with Skye & Hot Fudge Sundae (⬅️ Video here)

Rollerblading with... of course my Miniature horse! Jumping with Hot Fudge Sundae, Barrel racing with my Mini Monster... And I have so many more ideas! 

You can see a little compilation of some of my Pivo videos here!

There are several apps, like the Pivo Play app that has some really cool fun features for videos and photos like this one called "tiny planet"! I love it!! 

There's also an app for going live on social media so you can stay in your followers' focus while you move around!

AND you can use it to have a remote live training session with your trainer! 

But to record videos all you need is the main Pivo app, pop your phone on the Pivo Pod and you're set!

This little gadget makes life so much more fun even if you "only" use it to track your ride! I used to film my own rides with my old camera on a tripod so I could see my mistakes after the ride or send videos to my trainer. Then I moved on to an action camera, which I still love to use but it, like my old camera, could never capture EVERYTHING and a lot of times the best things happened while I was either in a blind spot, too far away or the angle was anything but good to get a good shot! 

No more with the Pivo Pod! 

It even catches me while I'm busy "talking with my hands" instead of focusing on my ride. 🤣

It's not perfect, sometimes it does "lose" you but it's as simple as riding past it to get it on track again! And I'm sure I still have some playing around to do with the settings to get them right for whatever I'm doing at the moment. I'm still at the beginning with this but I am blown away! 

What also really attracted me to this was the affordable price.

This is truly a gadget I believe everyone should own.

Life is short - make it fun!

And fun it is with this little cameraman!

The only regret I have is not getting it sooner! 

Especially as a content creator where great videos are essential but even if you just use your videos for your personal social media or friends and family only, this is the one thing that will make them stand out from the rest! 

So go on GET YOURS here

And show me your videos! Tag me on one of my social media accounts or shoot me a message! You can find all my links on my linktree!

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