NEW!!! Essential Oil Blends for horses!

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 I'm SO SO happy about how much these oils have helped me and my horses!!

These blends of Essential oils are created by Deanna, a certified Aromatherapist who has studied Chinese medicine for over 14 years and only uses certified organic oils to create her essential oil blends. Her oils have personally helped my horses and I'm very grateful that she has provided me with the opportunity to share her wonderful oils with others.

You can find them here: 


He's not lazy... He's NOT sweating!

The first oil I used was the Anhidrosis oil. My Friesian gelding stopped sweating last summer as soon as the temperature was above 80F. Same happened this summer and he was miserable (I'm in Texas 😕). He had no energy, seemed "lazy" and started panting after minimal exercise, was itching like crazy and needed to be cold hosed numerous times a day to feel somewhat comfortable. Cooling him down after exercise took forever and required hosing him for 10 minutes at least. Riding was only possible early mornings if at all and trailering was a no go (not just because of the non sweating but more about that later). 

I had tried supplements but nothing made him sweat.

I also have him on extra Vitamin E, important for non sweaters! (this is the one I use - which is the most cost effective natural Vitamin E I've found).

Within 2 days of using the Anhydrosis blend twice a day he was SWEATING! And has been ever since! I rode him in 90 degrees in the morning and he had energy, was no longer panting, was sweating on his neck, chest, flank, just as he should and cooled down as fast as a healthy horse! He's also no longer rubbing himself raw (and taking posts and fence rails out!) 😁

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You don't know how much Anxiety is running and RUINING your life until you no longer have it!

I was so ecstatic about the Anhidrosis blend that I ordered the "Courage" and the "Liquid Xanax" blends in hopes they would be able to help me with my own Anxiety as well as my Gelding's. I knew that a lot of his insecurities probably stemmed from my own and his anxiety a direct reflection of mine.

Trailering really showed this... I never had a problem taking my Miniatures somewhere, for me it's basically like loading a dog in a car. But when it came to my big horses, it sent me into full blown panic just thinking about trailering them. (Lots of my anxiety has to do with my Paint gelding who's PSSM positive and who I've been through hell and back with because of it.)

I'm talking heart racing, shaking, shallow breathing etc. Of course this directly transferred to my horses and we were just set up for disaster. 

My gelding literally hid behind the tree as soon as he saw the trailer getting hooked up. Loading, he was hesitant, would try to avoid getting on the ramp by swinging out to the side and then reluctantly (this took LOTS OF training to even get him to this point) loaded... The travel part stressed him, he always arrived as if he was stuck in the trailer for several hours, even after less than an hour trip. Hardly ever touched his Hay. 

I started using both the Courage and the Xanax blends about an hour before and then again immediately before a ride at home in my arena on me and my horse (so the normal stuff we do, nothing anxiety causing). This is to "condition" the horse (and human if needed) to the blend/scent in a normal/calm situation. 

I already noticed on myself how well it was working! When his head popped up during the ride where I would normally grip the reins and expect a spook, I was able to keep my cool and not worry at all. He also... Didn't spook about anything at all. 

I've been loading him in the trailer since and from the very first time after using the oils, he has loaded like never before, walks right in, no hiding, no avoidance, goes straight to his hay and we're both relaxed, chill and I'm BLOWN AWAY! 

I also used them on my young mare who's still inexperienced and anxious about trailering and got the same relaxed response (in both of us). The ultimate test was this week, she injured herself and needed to go to the vet... This would've had my anxiety through the roof normally. First trailer ride in a year for her... And we did it! She still sweat bullets but she traveled well, unloaded perfect, was a little nervous at her destination but VERY controlled and never took a wrong step or acted up! 

I'm so happy to have my life back! I feel like someone hit the reset button and I'm back to enjoying the things like taking my horses somewhere instead of missing out on all the fun! 


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