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Vet visits, whether scheduled ones or emergency, are a huge part of owning animals. Of course, the bigger the animal, the larger the bill (usually) and it seems that my horses are really trying hard to keep the local vets in business. 


Last year we were dealing with the dental disaster of having two horses, Gallagher & Ultra Heir needing a combined 4 dental surgeries, Ultra Heir had an abscessed molar that needed to be extracted (and then she decided to throw in a nasty infection in the empty socket over a month post surgery 🥴, which required two more vet visits...)

and Gallagher had 2 completely broken teeth which most likely never developed correctly before he was even born. 

This year has already required another dental visit with Gallagher after I found a pretty big piece of a tooth in the empty feeder...

But the major event has been and still is, a hoof abscess in Ultra Heir. 

Not only was the first abscess very painful and took quite a while before it "blew" at the top of the hoof, after she seemed to be healing well and walking fine again (and climbing all over my backyard fence like we all know her to do when she feels good), she was suddenly lame again on the same foot and in even more pain than with the first abscess. To the point where she ended up with colic symptoms and dehydration despite pain meds and getting extra portions of soupy soaked hay pellets throughout the day. So to the vet we went and she was examined thoroughly and feeling a bit better after different pain medication and receiving fluids and electrolytes. 

It's still an ongoing process still waiting on this second abscess to blow, checking temperature daily, giving pain meds, and poulticing on her foot with one of Spot a Rocket's big boots on top, which fits her nicely around the bandage. 

However this vet visit has put another $1,000 hole into my bank account and I appreciate any and all support that I can get to keep taking care of her.


Another vet visit with more X-rays revealed the reason for the recurring abscesses... 

Diagnosis: left fore medial quarter coffin bone sequestrum

In layman terms, a small part of the bone in her hoof has died and needs to be surgically removed or she will continue to have abscesses. 

The surgery is coming up and along with this visit, we're looking at least at another 2k in vet bills. Which is why more than ever, I need to generate more income doing what I do. I'll also be  adding new and used tack to my shop here continuously, please keep checking back for new stuff


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