My FAVORITE must have gadget for equestrians!

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Are you frustrated because you just had the best ride but nobody there to film it for you? 😢

Or did you (like I used to) set up your camera on the arena wall but it missed the best moments of your ride? 😢

Would you like to watch your ride afterwards so you can correct the things you didn't notice while riding? ✅

Or show it to your trainer so you can learn from your mistakes? ✅

Take a remote lesson while riding at home? ✅

What if I told you that it is this possible with just your phone (and by yourself)?

Capture all those moments you usually miss! I'm forever grateful that my friend introduced me to this a year ago and it's been such a game changer for me, not only for my personal development and riding but creating content has never been easier! 

All my riding (and Mini horse driving videos) are recorded like this! (Even the "fails" 🤣) 

Get yours here!


Oh and it can track your dog, cat or a person as well! So even if you're not a rider, there are TONS of uses for this! 

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