Skye & Hot Fudge Sundae

hot fudge sundae people magazine Skye TikTok viral video

Skye the Great Dane & Hot Fudge Sundae the American Miniature Horse are just 2 of our critters, but they have quite the unique attraction to each other. 

They caught the attention of TikTok viewers so fast (and I've only had my TikTok account for a few months..) that a 9 second unplanned quick video accumulated over a million views in a day. 

It's been crazy ever since... The views & likes keep climbing (their video is at over 5 million views as I'm typing this) and their story has been published in People Magazine, Cavallo magazineLa Tarde  several other smaller media outlets and a different story/article written by Kim Izzo in Horse Canada Magazine and another one in The Epoch Times.

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